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A Place to Find Hope, Connection and Resources to Support Your Mental & Emotional Health

To join our NEW photo mural and the Band Together movement in support of mental health awareness, buy a BAND TOGETHER BRACELET, take a photo with you wearing it and post it on social media using the #WeBandTogether.

What is the Band Together Community?

This is a place to SHARE your story, WEAR your story and GET CONNECTED.

We are a community of people committed to breaking down the shame, stigma and isolation often associated with mental health and replacing it with hope, solidarity and belonging. This is a safe and supportive place for you to share your own experiences and get connected with others who have experienced similar struggles. We exist to remind you that you are NEVER ALONE in your struggle. Each of us has a reason to fight for a strong mind and fulfilling life. Let’s do it together!


Share Your Story

A place to anonymously share your mental and emotional health journey in order to break through fear, shame and isolation. You can also read the stories of others. Vulnerability is courage!

Wear Your Story

Band Together bracelets give you a tangible reminder that you are never alone in your struggles and that at your core, you are an overcomer. Wear your band with purpose and for solidarity – you are never alone!

Get Connected

A place to dive deeper into conversation and content to help support you in your mental health journey. Our podcast, blog post and community forums offer a place for you to connect with others who are facing similar struggles.

How does it work?

Band Together Community is a safe and supportive online space for the mental health community. People (including you) can anonymously share their stories online through our SHARE PAGE and find encouragement through reading the STORIES OF OTHERS. You can also WEAR YOUR STORY by choosing a bracelet to wear on a daily basis and be reminded that you are an overcomer.


The stories on our website are shared exactly as they are received without editing or censorship. Reader discretion is advised, as some stories may contain content that some may find triggering or disturbing. To maintain a safe space for those who have shared, commenting capabilities have been turned off. Instead, you can leave a Reaction on the stories as a way to let the author know you are standing with them.

#0020 – “For others suffering I hope you know that you’re not alone, you’re not a burden and the world is a better place for having you in it.”

I was diagnosed with work related PTSD in 2017. I'd been suffering for weeks from depression, constant anxiety, insomnia, and horrific and violent nightmares where I'd wake up screaming and crying before the final massive panic attack came that sent me home early from...

#0050 – “I ended up being diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia (the worlds most painful condition with THE most awful nickname) and a traumatic brain injury.”

I had a perfect life. Until it wasn't. All in under a minute. I was this 22yo, 5'1, 52kg little 'thing' a spade was a spade, I was a pretty, fit little thing (I couldn't see it then) but I was holding my own in a man's world and NEVER did I back down from a challenge!...

#0036 – “The darkest days, I want to give up but I don’t even know how.”

There are up days and there are down days.  Some days, I'm on the ball and get lots done.  Other days, I sit on the couch and stare at the wall most of the day.  The darkest days, I want to give up but I don't even know how.  Twice, I've had...

#0048 – “Feel what you need to feel but try not to let it consume you.”

I have dealt depression before, but thankfully I was blessed to have had a strong support and love from my family and close friends and through this I was able to overcome it.  I also know how it feels when you're feeling alone...when u are going through it and...

#0010 – “Mental health issues run deep in my family however mine is a family who likes to keep things ‘quiet’.”

When I was in grade nine I wrote a poem for an English assignment and my teacher at the time told me that it was very well-written and that I most likely didn't understand the true meaning I was expressing. It would be a number years later that I would realize that it...

#0071 – “I also struggle with and eating disorder and have since I was in 6th grade.”

I have been sexually assaulted by two people. One of which it happened multiple times. I also struggle with and eating disorder and have since I was in 6th grade. I am now in 8th grade.

#0021 – “I found myself in my mid twenties with everything I thought I had ever wanted. But inside, I was struggling with terrible postpartum depression.”

Growing up, all I ever wanted to be was a wife and momma. I would play house with my sister, carefully naming each of my dolls and stuffed animals, and practicing for this dream of becoming a mom. I met and married my husband just after turning twenty one years old,...

#0027 – “I still struggle with not being sure who I can talk to.”

My depression started after I had my son, it took a good 9 months before my husband was able to talk me into seeing a Dr. I thought it was post partum, but I think it’s just depression. I have struggled with lots of ups and downs. I’m just taking it one day at a time,...

#0073 – “There have been a record of mood swings in my type of bipolar case. As well as suicidal thoughts.”

I am like a ' PHOENIX ' alive...I am not who I was. I was just about to die but something gave me strength to rebuild and reform.As like phoenix that dies and is reborn from the ashes. It's a mythological concept which can be taken as example of rejuvenation of a body...

#0011 – “You don’t forgive someone just once.”

I was sexually assaulted about ten years ago when I was living in Lake Louise. I was depressed, self-medicating, and had severe anxiety, along with panic attacks (well, who am I kidding, I still have it…). Over the years of getting help, I had to forgive him because I...