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A Place to Find Hope, Connection and Resources to Support Your Mental & Emotional Health

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What is the Band Together Community?

This is a place to SHARE your story, WEAR your story and GET CONNECTED.

We are a community of people committed to breaking down the shame, stigma and isolation often associated with mental health and replacing it with hope, solidarity and belonging. This is a safe and supportive place for you to share your own experiences and get connected with others who have experienced similar struggles. We exist to remind you that you are NEVER ALONE in your struggle. Each of us has a reason to fight for a strong mind and fulfilling life. Let’s do it together!


Share Your Story

A place to anonymously share your mental and emotional health journey in order to break through fear, shame and isolation. You can also read the stories of others. Vulnerability is courage!

Wear Your Story

Band Together bracelets give you a tangible reminder that you are never alone in your struggles and that at your core, you are an overcomer. Wear your band with purpose and for solidarity – you are never alone!

Get Connected

A place to dive deeper into conversation and content to help support you in your mental health journey. Our podcast, blog post and community forums offer a place for you to connect with others who are facing similar struggles.

How does it work?

Band Together Community is a safe and supportive online space for the mental health community. People (including you) can anonymously share their stories online through our SHARE PAGE and find encouragement through reading the STORIES OF OTHERS. You can also WEAR YOUR STORY by choosing a bracelet to wear on a daily basis and be reminded that you are an overcomer.


The stories on our website are shared exactly as they are received without editing or censorship. Reader discretion is advised, as some stories may contain content that some may find triggering or disturbing. To maintain a safe space for those who have shared, commenting capabilities have been turned off. Instead, you can leave a Reaction on the stories as a way to let the author know you are standing with them.

#0061 – “There is so much healing behind sharing, I know it’s a hard step to take, but the reward is so incredibly fulfilling.”

My story of PTSD and depression is filled with loads of physical traumas through a long career in a macho driven sport, as a jump jockey. It was not one accident or one incident that culminated in me going to the most extreme measure of trying to shut out the...

#0046 – “Every day, for the next 98 days we went in to the hospital, and left at the end of the day, without her.”

I had just witnessed my daughters emergency arrival, spent some time alone with her in the Neonatal Intensive Care Uni (NICU), took my wife there a few times in a wheelchair to see her daughter, and carried a few rounds of milk down to the ward.  It was now time...

#0014 – “None of us ask for this.”

There were subtle signs of mental struggle from about the age of 12.  Whether it was a minor bout of OCD, or bouts of phobias.One phobia that I really struggled with was social. I went from bubbly and outgoing to “ I can’t speak in front of almost anyone, let...

#0018 – “I had always just pushed through and fought through life and I didn’t know how to ask for or accept help.”

My past is filled will many forms of trauma and with those traumas I have gained anxiety, self doubt and self worth issues. It took until I was about 36 to even realize that what I was experiencing was anxiety. I just thought I was always stressed. I tend to throw...

#0023 – “A dear friend helped me realize that my meltdowns, rage fits and thoughts of suicide after her birth were not baby blues. She encouraged me to get help.”

When I look back I realized that I have always had anxiety and depression, but after the birth of my son in 2009 it got worse. I was young and didn’t really notice it as it didn’t seem “so bad” and I just figured it was part of my situation. I put myself in situations...

#0024 – “When a complete mental breakdown happened, it was friends and coworkers who stepped up.”

Growing up in a home that struggled with understanding mental health, I understood very little of my own struggles and learned my own coping mechanisms. However, far from home, when a complete mental breakdown happened, it was friends and coworkers who stepped up,...

#0052 – “I wish that they knew what they did to me. I wish they knew that I tried what they told me. I wish they knew that because of them I hurt myself.”

This is part 2 to #49. I didn't know that I could write a long one🤷🏼‍♀️ so I was bullied from 1st grade to 5th. It was my first year at that school. We had just moved. It was really hard because I had just left my best friend. But I got used to it. I have had anxiety...

#0001 – “My journey has been incredibly lonely”

I was a happy newlywed when the first panic attack hit. We had just turned off the lights and were going to bed when I suddenly sat up. “It’s hard to breathe,” I told my husband. Within half an hour we were in the emergency room. A week later it happened again, but at...

#0029 – ” Just below the surface sometimes creeping about is the voice that I’m not good enough, I don’t deserve respect.”

As a young girl I was sexually assaulted. This has impacted everything in my being. I dont know if the anxiety and depression started before or after.  Either way I carry it with me. I had no safe place and felt like I had no voice for years until I found the...

#0074 – “My pattern of self harming continued until college when I mentally broke and spent 2 years recovering and rebuilding.”

*self harm trigger warning* when I was 11 or 12 I discovered that cutting myself seemed to make me feel better when I was upset. My pattern of self harming continued until college when I mentally broke and spent 2 years recovering and rebuilding. During that time I...