While early in pregnancy with my second baby, I started taking diclectin for my nausea. Right around the same time I started taking it I had 3 days of babysitting the worst nightmare child ever for 12-14 hrs/day + my own 1 year old + my nephew while my sister in law was going through a divorce + being pregnant 😅

Needless to say it was pretty rough! Anyhow, I survived but it totally drained me and a month later I was STILL absolutely exhausted from it. I slept every chance my girl did, which at the time was still 2-3 naps/day + 12 hrs at night and I JUST. COULDN’T. RECOVER! I was sad and crying all the time but I mean I was pregnant so I thought that was normal??

Then my prescription ran out and I decided to try quitting it, 100% just because it was expensive and I am cheap 😅 I woke up the next morning sicker than a dog but HAPPY for the first time in a full month. Like night and day difference, like a heavy sheet had been pulled off my life and suddenly there was light again. None of my life’s circumstances changed at all, nothing other than quitting the drug that I didn’t realize depression could be a side effect of. It was crazy how much I couldn’t even see HOW bad I was until I was out of it.

So yeah, that was the day that I REALLY came to understand on a personal level that mental health/ depression is not something you can just “get over.” I am so grateful every day that I ONLY had to deal with one seriously crappy month.

My heart reaches out to anyone who is currently struggling. You aren’t alone and there IS help available. Don’t be afraid to ask for it!!

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