My past is filled will many forms of trauma and with those traumas I have gained anxiety, self doubt and self worth issues. It took until I was about 36 to even realize that what I was experiencing was anxiety. I just thought I was always stressed. I tend to throw myself into many projects and initiatives that I am very passionate about. This is partially because I feel I need to prove my worth. It wasn’t until I spent a year working on a huge but very important project, my marriage was suffering and everyday I said “I’m just at max”. I had nothing left and I was burning out. That is when I realized that my stress was anxiety, a lot of anxiety. My expectations of myself as a person, a mom, a wife were spiralling me, my fears of so many things were spiralling me and I felt absolutely alone because I didn’t know how to ask for help. I had always just pushed through and fought through life and I didn’t know how to ask for or accept help. I now continue with counselling as I need it and everyday I try to keep my boundaries and quiet the little voice that says “you aren’t good enough”, “you need to do more”, “you should have/could have….”. Everyday is a challenge but I feel I grow as I learn.

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