I’m 40.  I have struggled with depression on and off since I was 15. I also have ADD. Not the kind people joke about but legit ADD. I was diagnosed in high school and have struggled with it ever since.  It’s tough feeing like you’re not good enough. A constant failure because you can’t keep up with life like others “seem to do”.  I can’t multitask like woman are known for. I can’t keep house like people I know. And I’m not a fun ADD person either.  I struggle to find motivation to do anything nearly everyday.  Dishes and laundry get done but otherwise I am stuck.  The disorganization of my home (because I don’t know where to start) gives me anxiety. I feel lighter as I drive away and heavier when I pull back in. ADD meds help me from my impulsive tendencies (usually it comes in the form of snapping at people and irritability) and they help me  have some extra focus on tasks.  Prayer is a big help, my community and my faith. Not sure where I would be without God and medication.

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