I always knew something was “different” about me growing up. I would get panicky feelings when I had a fever or when I heard a clock ticking. I couldn’t go very far from home, a friend wanted me to go on a camping/hiking trip. The day of we were almost by Edmonton on route to BC but I started getting really anxious, so I went back home instead. Scenarios like this happened time and time again but I didn’t really think deeply on them. I got married, had my kids and placed a lot of demands on myself. I felt I had to be the perfect everything and constantly I would take shallow, short breaths and felt so overwhelmed all of the time. My face broke out in the worst acne ever, huge boils all over my cheeks. I was so embarrassed and tried everything to heal it.  Dairy products were a huge no-no for me but I also needed healing from the inside out.

September 2012, I watched one of our best friends die and it triggered the start of panic attacks. I can relate to Kelsey’s story so much. I had all those same feelings. I was a walking, talking panic attack for one full year! In the book “Changes that Heal”, by Townsend and Cloud, they state that the feelings of a panic attack are the scariest you’ll ever experience. Once they start and if you don’t get a grasp on them, they will control your life. I went for grief counselling, then one full year of counselling over the phone, every Wednesday for one full hour. I could not drive, a lot of the panic attacks happened at that time. To this day, I still struggle to drive because all the memories come back. I have to remind myself that, that isn’t me anymore. With a lot of prayer, meditation on scripture, worship music and a lot of pushing to “live” by my husband was I able to function normally again. Mental health is a big taboo in our culture today. There are so many factors from genetical, circumstantial to environmental that can get the ball of anxiety, panic attacks and depression rolling in our minds.

I am so thankful for Kelsey and Lindsay’s willingness to open up this huge can of worms that so many are scared to deal with.  We are all imperfect humans dealing and living in an imperfect world. Nothing is wrong with our minds, we just need to reprogram them with truth, so that the truth shall set us free!

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