I have dealt depression before, but thankfully I was blessed to have had a strong support and love from my family and close friends and through this I was able to overcome it.  I also know how it feels when you’re feeling alone…when u are going through it and its really hard to speak it out and feel like you have no one to lean on. I was blessed but I’m also mindful of others and want to help because of this empathy. I really believe in the saying “We rise by lifting others.” No matter how hard things go, I hope you still find the courage to keep fighting, to keep going, to think of ways to come up from it without hurting yourself. You need to know that “it’s okay to not be okay.” Feel what you need to feel but try not to let it consume you. Keep fighting you are so much stronger than you think, you are so much more than what you’re going through. You are a blessing in disguise!
Much love & tight hugs.

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