I’m still pretty young but, I’ve gone through a lot. This is the most recent part of my life. Just one year ago I was sexually assaulted, I brought it up 6 months after because I knew I couldn’t stay quiet for any longer because I saw him a lot and it hurt every time that I did see him. It wasn’t easy bringing it up and I feared that no one would believe what happened. But then people believed me and 3 weeks later we were in the police station taking statements and they labelled it as sexual assault. And when I heard those words, I was shocked and I feel like that has a stigma around it and I don’t like that it does. I’m still working through the lies that I have planted in my head because of this. This has very much affected my life and sometimes I have flashbacks because I see something that is similar to what happened to me. And I beat myself up sometimes because I didn’t say no and I so badly wish I had the guts to say no to him. And some days it still hurts a lot but I’m working on forgiving him and myself, and I’m getting help.

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