My story is a million lifetimes in one but I will try to summarize. I was born into a blended mess. What I mean by that is heavy mental illness on both sides. I was emotionally, verbally and physically abused regularly for the first 13 years of my life. I was also uprooted from the City I called home thrown into a bigger city. I was raped and recruited at 9 and a half years old and trapped in it and all it’s chaos until 13 when my family fell apart. I fought my daily struggles with street drugs to numb the madness I called life. Lost everything that mattered including myself.This didn’t really hit me until I was 14 starting anew I was then diagnosed manic depressive and severe OCD. I rolled with it. Meds were not my jam at all I reacted worse on them than not. By 16 I buried 49 friends and family to suicide after that I stopped counting. Throughout my early adult life I went back to the dark world I knew as a young tween and self medicated to get through. Fast forward now 12 years clean and released from all that darkness I finally snapped in 2019. Suddenly I was having severe panic attacks,  ones that acted like an anaphylactic reaction without the swelling. It took 9 months for the Dr’s to figure out what was wrong their final diagnosis? Severe Panic Attack Disorder, CPSTD and still raging OCD. The last 12 months after an epiphany I Have been able to simmer those attacks. In that time I met Lindsay, through business culture she became a dear friend and introduced me to The Band Together Community. For this I am ever grateful for her and her family to me such a blessing in my life. I wear my bracelets proud and I hope you will too.

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