I grew up in an abusive household. I think that’s where my anxiety began. I suffer from severe anxiety, depression, and ADHD. My therapist and I were just coming to accept what I have been through when Covid caused everything to shut down. I opted out of therapy after that. I have been fighting on my own for years. Last year, around June, I attended suicide. Obviously it didn’t work because I am still here. I pushed and pushed and got to a stable place right before all hell broke lose and I lost my best friends. Around Christmas I went dark again and fell very close to the edge. If it weren’t for my now account managing partner, I would be gone. There is still so much to my story I have not come to terms with. I hope to double my progress by this time next year. Thank you for the opportunity to share some of my story, I pray that eventually I can write a book on it and not break with every word.

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