I’m suffering from depression and am totally determined to fight it. I didn’t realize that I was depressed up until recently. Many things happened in my life- the people I considered my family hurt me the most and without realizing I just started to lose my spark. Didn’t feel like doing the things I loved, often felt empty and at times didn’t want to exist. I wanted to go to some place where I could trust people and be happy. I used to go out with friends, laugh with them and smile but I also felt a void inside me. It also took a toll on my health. I couldn’t sleep well and had no appetite, I was always tired and my body ached. For a person who has been an enthusiastic sports player and an adrenaline junkie this was totally unusual. One day I realized that I’m suffering from depression and I thought that I have to fight it and rediscover myself. I want to be the little kid I used to be-happy,carefree and enjoying life. I’m determined to get through this phase and be me again. You only get one shot at living life. Live it like you always dreamed to. There are gonna be tough times but you are strong and you’ll get through it. 🙂

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