Band Together


Together We Can Build Something FOR Generations to Come

Band Together Community is a registered not for profit organization established to support the mental health community. Launched in February 2020, our mission is to break down the shame, stigma and isolation that is often associated with mental health and replace it with hope, solidarity and belonging while providing resources that support the healing journey.

We are currently partnered with the Community Transformation Foundation which gives us the ability to issue tax receipts for donations of $25 or more. Your generosity will not only allow us to continue to build this movement and impact people in their current state of crisis, but will leave a lasting impact for many years as we start to reach more people to bring healing and hope.


Donated funds will go to support our objectives in the following ways:

  • To support our existing resources and the costs associated with our day to day operations

  • To build awareness of our community through sponsored ads on social media

  • To establish the ability to offer group therapy and subsidized private counselling resources



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A note from the founders


We were a family, going through regular life without much perspective or personal experience with mental health. It was in December of 2018 that our whole world changed when Kelsey (husband and father) experienced a significant mental health crisis that was short-lived at the time but would repeat itself in July 2019. Our full story can be read here, but here is an excerpt:

“It was at that time I gained a true appreciation for mental health and the unique journey each one of us are on. I realized sharing my story gave others the freedom to share theirs without shame. I began to understand there was liberty in knowing I was not alone in my struggle. I had a story to tell and it was part of a bigger story; a bigger struggle- the struggle to connect, relate, empathize and overcome. There was healing in banding together as a community by being open, honest and vulnerable with each other. I recognized holding shame in my circumstance and hiding in isolation within my struggle was the biggest hindrance to my healing.

Out of this experience I felt the need to form a community where shame and isolation were replaced by vulnerability, openness, acceptance, empathy and encouragement. Band Together was formed with the mission to create and cultivate a community of solidarity and support to those who are on the journey to pursuing healing in mental, emotional and physical health.

We believe there is a capacity to overcome in each of us but we can’t do it alone. Ultimately, we’re glad you are here. We’re in this together.”

We invite you to contact us if you’d like to connect or chat more about our vision and heart for this project.

Thank you for considering partnering with Band Together Community!


The Mercer Family

the mercer family


A place to anonymously share your mental and emotional health journey in order to break through fear, shame and isolation. You can also read the stories of others. There is significant healing in taking the vulnerable step to share your experience and put words to the journey you have walked. All stories are received and posted anonymously.


Band Together bracelets give you a tangible reminder that you are never alone in your struggles and that at your core, you are an overcomer. The bracelets were created with significant intention, right from the design including three white beads to the colours of the beads themselves. Wear your band with purpose and for solidarity – you are never alone!


A place to dive deeper into conversation and content to help support you in your mental health journey. Our podcast, blog post and community forums offer a place for you to connect with others who are facing similar struggles. We want you to experience authentic connection with the Band Together Community and receive support as you pursue your mental and emotional health.


A podcast focused on breaking the silence and bringing hope to the Mental Health Community. Join us weekly for captivating interviews with experts in their fields as well as members of our community. This raw, authentic and thought provoking content is meant to support and encourage on your path to positive mental health.


Weekly thought provoking and informative blog content from contributors including a mindfulness expert, counsellor, dietician as well as our community. We have partnered with a diverse group of blog contributors including counsellors, a family and marriage therapist, a mindfulness and meditation expert as well as members of our community. Read up on a variety of topics or use the keyword search to find topics of interest.