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The Band Together Podcast is listened to in 25 countries around the world, with a focus on breaking the silence and bringing hope to the Mental Health CommunityJoin us weekly for captivating interviews with experts in their fields as well as members of our community. This raw, authentic and thought provoking content is meant to support, encourage and inspire you on the journey of life.

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Latest Episodes… 

Episode # 19

‘How Concussions Affected My Mental Health’

In this episode we have the priviledge of speaking with professional hockey journeyman Josh Gratton. Josh’s successful hockey career included an AHL Calder Cup Championship in 2005, NHL stops in Philidelphia and Phoenix as well as time in Russia, Finland and the United Kingdom. Never one to shy away from a physical altercation or fight, Josh discusses his struggles dealing with multiple concussions throughout his career and how they ultimately affected his mental health. Josh reflects on the impact of yoga, physical fitness and diet on coping and managing his health. Listen as Josh discusses the freedom he has experienced from shame and inner pain through vulnerably sharing his story!

Episode # 18

‘Dealing With Childhood Trauma’

We are so honoured to speak with former NHL hockey player Jake Newton as he vulnerably and courageously shares his experience dealing with being sexually abused as a child. During the 2011-12 season, Jake began his journey of recovery including intensive therapy, multiple times a week, as he began to process his childhood trauma. Jake details his the healing journey including the effects of meditation, affirmations, visualization and talk therapy. Jake’s powerful story has been featured in the Hockey News. Join us for this incredible interview with such an amazing and inspirational man!

Episode # 17

‘Right Now – It’s Like This’

During this episode we have the oppurtunity to chat with a member of our own community April Prescott. April’s wide range of knowledge includes yoga instruction, mindfulness and mediation training through UC Berkeley as well as instucting in the area of trauma informed practice. April’s added background and formal studies in education at the University of Alberta give her the unique ability communicate her knowledge and experience in very practical and usable ways. Through her own practice of awareness and growth, April also reflects on her own journey with depression and anxiety.  Join us for this insightful and encouraging conversation with April!

Episode # 16 

‘Experiencing Vicarious Trauma’

Phil Calvert currently works with International Justice Mission, whose work involves responding and rescuing children being exploited and abused through online cyber-sex trafficking. Phil has presented for Tedx on how technology is fuelling a staggering and alarming growth of cyber-sex trafficking. Phil discusses how vicarious trauma he has experienced through IJM’s impactful and highly emotional work has affected him and steps he takes to cope. Phil also details his own personal mental health journey as well as the effects of EMDR therapy on his psyche. Phil is a proud Calgarian where he currently resides with his Wife and 2 children.

Episode # 15 

‘The Heart of Recovery’

After being convicted of possession of narcotics with intent to sell Doug Bopst was sentenced to months in jail. During his time locked in his cell, Doug overcame his addiction issues and inner demons through a focus on faith, family and fitness. Leveraging his amazing story of transformation, Doug is now an award-winning personal trainer, author, speaker and business owner. Doug’s amazing story of transformation has been featured in national media outlets such as the Today Show and Men’s Health. Join us for this captivating and inspirational interview with an amazing man!

Episode # 14 – Part 2

‘All the Way – My Life on Ice’

In part 2 of this 2 part episode we conclude our amazing conversation with Jordin Tootoo. Jordin shares his thoughts and experiences going through alcohol rehab during his professional hockey career. Jordin also reflects on the meaning in his story, life after hockey and his advocacy work. We thank Jordin for lending his time to the Band Together Community and are deeply grateful to have connected! Listen and enjoy!

Episode # 14 – Part 1

‘All the Way – My Life on Ice’

In part 1 of this 2 part episode, we have the privilege of speaking to retired NHL veteran and the first ever player of Inuk descent, Jordin Tootoo. Jordin shares vulnerably about the tragic loss of his brother by suicide, the stress of competition at the highest level and his struggle with alcohol addiction.

Jordin’s tireless work through the ‘Team Tootoo Fund’ is raising awareness and funds for youth suicide prevention, mental health awareness and violence against women is truly inspirational. Jordin is a role model to an entire community and culture and we are honoured to have the opportunity to chat!

Episode # 13 

‘Stop Missing Your Life’

In this episode we are honoured to speak with world renowned mindfulness and meditation coach, teacher and speaker Cory Muscara. After spending 6 months living in silence as a monk while meditating for 14 + hours each day, Cory now brings the lessons learned about mindfulness to people in a practical and innovative way. Cory has been featured on the Dr. Oz show numerous times, runs a widely successful podcast called ‘Practicing Human’ and has recently written a powerful book called ‘Stop Missing Your Life.’ Cory’s meditations have been heard by more than 5 million people in over 50 different countries. Join us as we learn tangible steps and tools to becoming more present everyday!

Episode # 12 

‘7 Steps to an Unbreakable Mindset’

In this episode we have the opportunity to interview Author, TV personality, professional athlete and life coach, Mike Diamond. Mike’s story of his own struggles battling addiction, life-threatening health problems and a diagnosis with a chronic illness is truly amazing and inspirational. Best known for his work on the hit TV shows NY Ink and Bondi Ink Tattoo Crew, Mike’s life has been full of diversity and challenge. In 2019, Mike set a Guinness World Record by running a half marathon everyday for 30 days to raise money and awareness for Layla Rae, who was battling a rare autoimmune disease. We are so pleased to be able to connect with Mike to discuss how we can begin to develop an unbreakable mindset!

Episode # 11 

‘Open Heart, Open Mind’

In this episode we are honoured to interview Canadian Olympian Clara Hughes! Clara is a six-time Olympic medalist in cycling and speed skating and the only athlete in history to win multiple medals in both the Summer and Winter Games. Clara was given the honour of being the Canadian Flag Bearer for the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games.

As the National Spokesperson for Bell Canada’s Mental Health initiative and the ‘Let’s Talk’ campaign Clara has a loud and powerful voice. By candidly sharing her own past struggles with depression, Clara has helped break down the stigma associated with mental illness. Join us for this inspiring interview with a Canadian Legend!

Episode #10 

‘My Journey to Hope- Healing from Trauma and PTSD’

In this powerful episode former race horse jockey Glenn Edvard Smith details the rigours of his life as a jockey and describes the accident that changed the rest of his life. Glenn opens up about his struggle with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and how it has affected his life on a daily basis. Be inspired by the dramatic story of a man who is experiencing the healing that comes from sharing your story vulnerably!


‘Racism & Riots – A Police Officer’s Perscpective’

In this episode Police Officer, Kelsey Mercer discusses the current events surrounding the inexcusable and tragic death of George Floyd. Kelsey and Jesse dig deeper into the topics of privilege, racism, police brutality, tactics, riots and peaceful protest.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” – Martin Luther King Jr

Episode # 9 

‘Concious Evolution of the Human Spirit’

Kim Barthel is an international speaker, instructor, clinician and author who co-wrote ‘Conversations with a Rattlesnake: Raw and Honest Reflections on Healing and Trauma’ with Theo Fleury. Kim is an advanced instructor of Neuro-Developmental Treatment and specializes in the areas of sensory processing, trauma, addiction and mental health.

In this episode we are so pleased to speak with Kim regarding brain development, the effects of trauma on the brain as well as mental health. We are so privileged and honoured to learn from Kim’s vast knowledge and expertise!

Episode # 8 – Part 2

‘It Takes What It Takes’

In part 2 of our informative interview with Trevor Moawad he discusses his book ‘It Takes What It Takes.’ Trevor presents an alternative to negative thinking called ‘neutral thinking’ and discusses its relevance and potential impact. Learn tangible steps and tips in order to build mental resilience!


‘From a Counselor’s Perspective’

In this BONUS episode Kelsey and Jesse interview Registered Professional Counselor and Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist, Jenn Banas. Jenn shares on the significance of listening to learn as oppose to listening to fix. We also discuss the importance of finding safe advocates to walk with us on the journey of life.

Jenn also candidly and vulnerably shares her own struggle with mental health. Join us for this impactful, inspiring and thought provoking episode!

Episode # 7 – Part 1

‘It Takes What It Takes’

Trevor Moawad has been listed as the #1 Mindset Coach by Sports Illustrated and currently is the Mindset Coach Russell Wilson, Quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks. In this episode we learn from Trevor’s expansive knowledge about how elite athletes and high performers recover from setbacks and perform at a high level. We also discuss why negative thinking is so destructive and why positive thinking is often not the answer.

Episode #6 – Part 2 

‘Turning Trauma into Triumph’

In part 2 of our powerful interview with Theo, we discuss the valuable tools in his toolbox of healing and recovery. Theo talks about the impact of music in his journey and his belief that healing comes through helping others through their struggle. Hear about the various projects Theo is currently engaged in and passionate about. It is truly an honour to hear Theo’s inspiring message of turning trauma into triumph!


‘Why We Need Action, Not More Awareness’

In this bonus episode Kelsey and Jesse reflect on the meaning of Mental Health Awareness Week and the importance of ‘action’ beyond ‘awareness.’ 3 months since the launch of the Band Together Community hear Kelsey and Jesse’s thoughts on momentum, impact and the movement.

Listen to a personal message from Kelsey and Jesse as they also discuss the lessons and insights learned during the first few powerful interviews on the Band Together Podcast!

Episode #5 – Part 1

‘Turning Trauma into Triumph’

In part 1 of a 2 part interview, Stanley Cup winner and Olympic Gold Medalist, Theo Fleury discusses the impact of childhood trauma and the subsequent addiction issues that affected him into his adulthood and professional hockey career. Theo is passionate about the power of our individual story and reflects on the impact of forgiveness, vulnerability and compassion in healing. Theo discusses his road to healing and recovery and reveals his passion for helping people overcome obstacles and finding their potential by igniting leadership, action and resilience.

Episode #4 – Interviewing Our Community

‘From Relationship Trauma to Healing’

In this episode Kelsey and Jesse speak with Alexandra Eva-May about how trauma from divorce ultimately led to a spiral of depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts. Alexandra candidly reflects on the importance of finding other people who had a shared experience and the positive impact this had in her own healing journey. Have you struggled dealing with relationship trauma? Are you fearful of being judged for speaking about your mental health struggles or suicidal thoughts? Listen to this episode and be inspired by Alexandra’s message of hope!

Episode #3 – Interviewing Our Community

‘Redefining Success and Taking the Pressure Off’

In this episode Life Coach and Educator Samantha Hawkins joins us from Barcelona, Spain to speak openly about her own personal struggle with anxiety and depression. Samantha also talks about the importance of clearly defining what ‘success’ means as well as focusing on what you want as oppose to being too caught up and consumed with the ‘how to.’ Learn about the work of a life coach and how they can assist in bringing clarity and incremental progress in your life.

Episode #2

‘The Power of Choice’

In this episode New York Times Best Selling Author and Investigative Journalist Scott Carney discusses the concept of ‘The Wedge’ as well as its relevance to our mental health. During the interview we delve into the topic of resilience as well as practical steps someone can take to develop it. Helpful lessons learned regarding human physiology and psychology are discussed as it relates to exposure to environmental stress and our propensity to seek comfort.

Episode #1


In this launch episode, hosts Kelsey Mercer and Jesse Martineau talk about the reason for launching the Band Together Podcast and the vision for future episodes. Hear their own personal struggle with anxiety, panic attacks and depression. Lastly, listen to a trailer for episode #2 where Kelsey and Jesse interview New York Times Best Selling Author Scott Carney about his newly released book ‘The Wedge.’

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