Since the launch of the Band Together Community in February of 2020 we have tried to remain true to our vision of breaking down the shame, stigma and isolation often associated with mental health and replacing it with hope, solidarity and belonging. Our aim has been to provide a hub where everyone can feel safe and supported free from judgment. In order to do this we have had 3 main focuses:

Share Your Story

We have been so encouraged that 56 people have shared their unique and courageous journey’s through our anonymous sharing page.  These stories are remarkably raw, inspiring and powerful, as it allows individual members of our community to be heard and hear, connect and react to others. 

Wear Your Story

Numerous people have joined the powerful movement of wearing their stories in the form of a Band Together bracelet to show their solidarity and break down stigma. The bracelet is a daily reminder that we are all more then our struggle. At our core we are all overcomers. It also represents the community that is standing with you and beside you as we all fight our own individual battles. We would love to hear what mental health journey you’d love to see represented by one of our bracelets!

Get Connected

Lastly, we have seen how our free connect groups have allowed people to experience meaningful connection through these difficult times of isolation and social distancing. We are so thankful to have partnered with certified counselors, a family and marriage therapist and a mindfulness and meditation coach!  Our connect page also provides insightful blog posts as well as links to other organizations committed to mental health support and encouragement.

So why a Podcast?

From the start we recognized that although awareness was an important aspect in mental health advocacy, it is only the first step in recovery and healing. Our goal is to provide meaningful education, insights, best practices and strategies through raw and authentic interview discussions with guests and community members. We all need to feel heard, supported and equipped to fight our daily struggles. We are so thrilled to have launched the Band Together Podcast to support your mental health in a tangible way!

In our launch episode released on April 19th, 2020 my co-host Jesse Martineau and I talk about the reason for launching the Band Together Podcast and the vision for future episodes including introducing some exciting upcoming guests. Jesse courageously shares about his own struggle with depression and suicidal thoughts while I speak about my recent battle with anxiety and panic attacks.

Episodes #2 through #5 will be launched on April 26th, 2020 on iTunes! Following the release on iTunes, be sure to subscribe so you can listen weekly to hear from a wide variety of guests. Below is a brief description of some of our upcoming episodes as well as the topics to be discussed!

Episode #2 – ‘The Power of Choice’ with New York Times Best Selling Author Scott Carney

In this episode Scott Carney discusses the concept of ‘The Wedge’ along with his new book as well as its relevance to our mental health. During the interview we delve into the topic of resilience as well as practical steps someone can take to develop it. Practical lessons regarding human physiology and psychology are discussed as it relates to exposure to environmental stress and our propensity to seek comfort.

Episode #3 – Interviewing our Community with Samantha Hawkins

In this episode Life Coach and Educator Samantha Hawkins joins us from Barcelona, Spain to discuss her own personal struggle with anxiety and depression. Samantha also speaks about clearly defining what ‘success’ means as well as focusing on what you want as oppose to being too caught up and consumed with the ‘how to.’ Learn about the work of a life coach and how they can assist in bringing clarity and incremental progress in your life.

Episode #4 – ‘It Takes What It Takes’ with Mental Conditioning Coach Trevor Moawad

Trevor Moawad has been listed as the #1 Mindset Coach by Sports Illustrated and currently is the Mindset Coach Russell Wilson, Quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks. Through Trevor’s expansive knowledge we learn about how elite athletes and high performers recover from setbacks and perform at a high level. Trevor also discusses why negative thinking is so destructive and why positive thinking is often not the answer as it is not based on reality. Trevor presents an alternative to negative thinking called ‘neutral thinking’ and discusses its relevance and potential impact. Learn tangible steps and tips in order to build mental resilience!

Episode #5 – ‘Turning Trauma into Triumph’ with Theo Fleury

Stanley Cup winner and Olympic Gold Medalist, Theo Fleury reflects on his journey with trauma and addiction throughout his childhood and professional hockey career. Theo discusses his road to healing and recovery and reveals his passion for helping people overcome obstacles and finding their potential by igniting leadership, action and resilience. It is truly an honor to hear Theo’s inspiring message of turning trauma into triumph!

We are so pleased to also have interviews lined up with members of our community from all over the world who have struggled with alcohol abuse, infertility, relational trauma, depression, PTSD and bi-polar. It is our sincere hope that you find this content educational, inspirational and uplifting as we continue to Band Together! If you have a story to tell and would like to be a guest on our podcast please reach out to us as we want to hear from you!

Standing with you today and every day,

Kelsey and Lindsay

The Band Together Community is a non-profit committed to reducing the effects of shame, stigma and isolation and replacing it with hope, solidarity and belonging. We are dedicated to providing a safe and supportive platform to advocate, educate and provide support for the mental health community. All proceeds from each bracelet sold and/or donations made go to grow our community and make counseling affordable.

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