Today, you would be hard pressed to find someone who hasn’t been impacted by mental illness and/or mental health challenges. Whether you yourself are impacted personally, or you have friends or family members that are, it’s something that is interwoven into the fabric of our present-day society. We know according to statistics, that Canada has one of the highest reported rates of PTSD.

We also know that trauma can be passed down the family line; which means that families, not just individuals, are carrying the weight of trauma.

We know that depression and anxiety is on the rise and that suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death amongst youth and young adults. We also know that slowly, the stigma so indelibly connected to these mental health issues, is being disassembled. We know there are more and more resources becoming available to both those suffering from, and supporting those, who battle mental health challenges. We are creating language around mental health that is inclusive, unconditional and approachable.

In my Trauma Therapy training, perhaps the single most uplifting research I encountered, was related to outcomes. The two greatest predictors of excellent trauma therapy outcomes were:

  • HOPE– Also known as Positive Expectancy in therapist speech,


  • CONNECTION- Also known as Therapeutic Alliance in therapist speech.
hope band together community
Find Hope & Connection in the Band Together Community

Now, tell me that doesn’t encourage you! If you can find HOPE and CONNECTION, you can begin to heal from trauma and have excellent outcomes in your mental health journey. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched clients breathe audible sighs of relief (like the weight of the world had fallen off their shoulders), when I tell them I feel hopeful about their outcomes and that I’m in their corner.

Trauma, depression, anxiety; it can make you feel crazy; like an alien in a strange land; like you don’t belong; like you are deficient.

HOPE and CONNECTION begins to dismantle those powerful images and gives people a healthier and more loving picture of the beauty of who they are, and how needed they are in their tribes.

HOPE and CONNECTION can be found in TRIBE. I will be the first to attest to how hard it can be, to find a good tribe; a sense of belonging. Consider this your warm and unconditional invitation to make Band Together your tribe. We want you here and we say, you belong here. May you find HOPE and CONNECTION as you walk with us, the Band Together tribe, on the journey of excellent mental health.

Welcome home.

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