Have you ever felt isolated from others because of what you thought about something?

I imagine your opinions, like mine, have been formed through a variety of experiences both good and bad. I can presume these opinions have also been shaped through your environment, your upbringing, family, friends, and profession along with many other factors. And it’s often these very things that contribute to our own sense of identity. And rightfully so.

Unfortunately, our society tends to be hyper focused on illuminating our differences at the expense of real authentic connection that we often share through common experiences.

Whether it is the hot topic stuff like religion and politics or the more mundane things like interests and preferences, we are continually being made aware of how dissimilar we are. Unfortunately, these differences can quickly turn into division and division can become isolation. So what starts as something that has significant value to us as it contributes to our unique life story, can begin to rob us from relating to others through our commonalities and shared experiences.

Band Together Community was formed because we believe there is intrinsic value in who you are as a human being no matter where your opinions stand. You have worth and there is meaning to your life; the struggle, the heartache, the guilt, shame, fear, all the pain… it has value and we believe it is worth sharing. This community exists as a step toward our collective mental and emotional healing. We recognize healing is not a split second kind of thing- it takes time, intentionality, trust, openness, community, truth, grace and vulnerability.

Band Together Community has been designed with healing through connection in mind.

Everything from the anonymous sharing, forums, blogs, resources, and bracelets supports the idea that healing happens in safe and supportive community – not in isolation and shame. Whether this community can assist in providing a safe place to begin your healing journey or if we fit somewhere in the middle, then all of the effort is worth it because we believe you are worth it!

Your opinions and life story are unique and that is only part of what makes you incredibly valuable. Our shared experiences, common struggles and vulnerability during adversity brings additional hope and beauty into a hurting world struggling for connection. As a community we can overcome fear, insecurity, pain, loss and heartache. The human experience is not an easy one, but maybe it wasn’t meant to be.

Let’s not suffer in silence and isolation anymore. Let’s strive to not let our differences, fears and insecurities divide and isolate us. We invite you to join the Band Together Community as we unite together to overcome.

With love and without judgment,

Kelsey & Lindsay

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